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Queer Art Bustin’ Out All Over

It’s June, it’s Pride month, and there’s a ton of queer art happening. Tomorrow night is the kickoff of Q30/30 Days of Queer Arts, a monthlong multimedia celebration designed to coincide with pride month. Paint It Pink’s hosts a dance party and events are happening all month. Click here for a full schedule.

And if you’re up for a trip to NYC, local artists Julie Smith and Pete Hocking are part of an show called QUEER FROM ZERO TO ONE HUNDRED at the TNC Gallery in New York. The artist’s statement describes their work accordingly:

Pete Hocking painted 100 graphically similar portraits of 100 queer men who each replied to a general open call for sitters. Artist Julie Smith mirrors Hocking’s work with 20 stylistically similar portraits of women. Ten are straight. Ten gay. The viewer’s task is to identify which is which, and by what standard of measure?

The whole show looks interesting but I’ve got a favorite piece, one of Pete’s “Men Like That: 100 Queer Guys” pieces:

So get out there. Be Here, Be Queer. Look at some art. Make some of your own. And whatever you do, be yourself.