Gordon Fox on Civil Unions

Bob Plain at WPRO had a long conversation with Gordon Fox about the legislative session. Here’s the 2-part excerpt about civil unions. We’d love to hear your reactions in the comments, and invite you to submit your own posts (but please review our Submission Guidelines first).

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  • He tips his hand. He wants the courts to pick this up so the alleged ‘stain’ of passing marriage equality isn’t on the legislators. It is inevitable that this WILL hit the courts though. The horrid Corvese amendment almost guarantees that it will. Because it flies in the face of the Employment, Housing, Credit and Accommodation Non-Discrimination Act of 1995.

    And I will make it very clear here. I consider Gordon Fox a very weak leader. A strong Speaker would have been able to counterbalance the opposition of the President of the Senate. It’s the old game of politics that Fox doesn’t seem to have either the confidence or inclination to do.