Vyvyan is a home for Rhode Islanders to write about and share issues important to the LGBTQ community in the Ocean State. Vyvyan is a lightly curated blog, the community is invited to submit posts.

Vyvyan hopes to be a way for the LGBTQ community to get our viewpoints into the mainstream news cycle quickly and nimbly in this 24-hour information age. Rhode Island is blessed with Options and Get Magazine and others as our gay press, sometimes though, information moves fast, and we can’t rely on the mainstream media to convey our thoughts or wait for the next monthly or weekly editions of the gay press.

Topics will range from same-sex marriage to gardening, transgender rights to financial planning; the whole spectrum of issues important to the LGBTQ community.

Vyvyan needs you to submit posts, while it is lightly curated, there are some ground rules for posting:

  • No anonymous or pseudonymous postings. Vyvyan requires people to posts under their own real names or on behalf of an organization that is well known and established within the community.
  • Vyvyan strives to be an all ages space. While the discussions and topics should be as frank and open as needed, Vyvyan wants to be readable by all members of our community, including our younger members. Posts should not be gratuitously graphic and language should remain in check. An occasional f-bomb is fine when an f-bomb is really the best way to express oneself, and discussions about sexuality, for example, may at times refer to sexual parts, what Vyvyan is looking for here is PG-13.
  • No unfounded attacks against individuals or organizations. If you have a beef, and want to express it, have facts to back it up. Vyvyan is not a place to blindly rage against those you disagree with.
  • Our community is vast and rich, Vyvyan’s voice will be made up of the vast mosaic of our community’s voices. At times there may be two or more individuals expressing two or more different opinions on the same topic. Contributors should be respectful of others opinions.
  • On that, the views and opinions of those who contribute to Vyvyan are their views alone and should not be construed as representing the views and opinions of everyone who contributes to Vyvyan or the views and opinions of the greater LGBTQ community as a whole.
All that said, if you want to contribute to Vyvyan, send an email to Vyvyan will post your submission under your name on your behalf. If you are interested in writing regularly on Vyvyan, an account can be set up under your name.

Vyvyan is a community tool, its future is in your hands. Feedback is always welcomed and encouraged.