Queer Salon 2

Apparently the ‘zine I found so compelling last week was distributed at a dance party, and led to some folks feeling like they weren’t queer enough to be at a queer event. I didn’t go to the event so I don’t know all the details, but it seems some folks felt like the nature of queerness was being rigidly policed, and felt that they had to explain, justify, or defend their identities, genders, partners, and behavior. As a result, some of the party organizers are hosting an event on Wednesday:

Queer Salon 2: An conversation on the politics, visibility and space of/for queerness in our community.

Wednesday July 27th 8pm
280 Broadway Room 200, Providence, RI, 02903

Further info on the discussion after the jump. Unfortunately I have class, so if you go and have stuff to share, please email us so we can post a follow-up.

Last week’s Queer Animal Future dance party generated a lot of questions, confusion, and dialogue revealing the complexities of creating a queer intentional space within the context of our majority cis and hetero community in Providence. In order to further examine the issues and questions surrounding the party that have been addressed on online forums, we are hosting an open conversation at Libertalia this Wednesday July 27th at 8pm. Everyone is welcome to come, you need not have been at the party, just have an interest in listening or dialoging about the questions it has raised. Such questions include, but are not limited to:

-the politics of creating a queer space in a heterodominant community
-when and how is queer exclusivity/autonomy valuable
-straight/cisgender privilege
-what is the meaning of a “safe space” for queers
-educating straight allies: when and how is it necessary
-queers just wanna have fun!…how to create queer spaces for pleasure

… there are many points that I am missing. The point of the conversation on Wednesday is to open up a dialogue that touches on these issues and others that are of concern to queers in our town. Please come and share and listen:

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